Cannabis users have many options for enjoying their favorite strains. For those that prefer smoking, joints are the only method available. Bongs and pipes provide alternatives that enable you to breathe in the smoke and get fast-acting results. The question, however, is which is better: bong or pipe?


What It Is

A pipe is essentially a tube with a small bowl at one end and a hole for inhaling at the other. Pipes are made from many different materials, including clay, glass, wood, or ceramic. Higher quality pipes can have additional features such as filtration, sealable tops, and built-in storage for cleaning tools.


One of the biggest benefits of a pipe is that it’s small, which makes it very portable. It’s also much more discreet and easier to conceal. You can easily pack it up and take it wherever you need to go. Other benefits include:

Simplicity: In regards to their design, pipes feature a simple design. As such, they’re easy and quick to use. You don’t have to worry about a lot of preparation before you start smoking.
Affordability: Basic pipes aren’t very expensive. If you accidentally break it, you don’t have to spend as much to replace it. Higher quality pipes will run you a bit more, but they aren’t going to cost you as much as a higher quality bong.
Ease of cleaning: Since pipes are small, and have simple inner workings, they’re easier and faster to clean.


There are a couple of drawbacks to pipes as well. For one, due to the shorter distance between the bowl and your mouth, you inhale hotter smoke. As a result, drags can be harsher. With no filter, you also have the risk of inhaling ash.


What It Is

A bong (also called a water pipe) is a much more complex device that’s increasing in popularity. Bongs can be glass, wood, acrylic, metal, clay, or silicone. Cannabis is packed into the bowl and burned. The smoke is filtered and cooled through a chamber containing water before you inhale it from the mouthpiece.Cannabis pipe


Since the water filters the smoke in a bong, you take in less of the bad gunk while still getting all of the good. Unlike a pipe, there’s no risk of inhaling ash. You also inhale cooler smoke, so your drags are much smoother and more pleasant.


One drawback to a bong is that it’s much less discreet than a pipe. It’s also significantly less portable, which makes it less practical for travel.
Bongs feature a more complex design. As such, they can be more time-consuming and difficult to clean.

Bongs typically cost much more than pipes, with higher quality ones running upwards of several hundred dollars. Taking care of your device is essential to avoid breaking it and having to replace it.

Another significant drawback is bong water. If you spill it on your sofa or carpet, the smell can be challenging to eliminate.

The Bong or Pipe Preference

Every person is unique. How you choose to enjoy your cannabis is up to you. Whether you prefer the bong or pipe, be sure to use quality cannabis from a licensed dispensary. You should also make sure to use a high-quality device to ensure the best possible experience, no matter what your preference.